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Here we are, in april 2020 - nearly eight years after the last game round started. For nostalgic reasons, I always decided to keep the game online for (bored) individuals still wanting to have a good look back at their lives in 2004 (or 2010, 2012, ...). And now, in times of global crises, more and more previous players decided to do just this! I'm glad to be of help.

The big question many of you asked me is this: Will there be another round?
The answer is, I'm not sure. The technology TMN is based on, is 16 years old - and it shows. It'll take quite some time to get everything working again, and even when every weekend is the same as the last one (stuck at home), it's still quit ethe job. That doesn't mean it's impossible to give it a go, but it requires some planning (and especially some time to think things over).
- Marc