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New round

On 07-09-2012, TMN went offline to prepare the next round. The new round will start on Saturday September 8th at 18:00 (17:00 GMT) with a new round.

If you have any comments, urgent matters, or suggestions that have not been shared with us yet: please contact Marc at contact Marc. Thanks for your support, we hope to see you all tomorrow!


Announcement (27-08-2012)

We just finished the longest round of TMN since it’s in my hands, and although the end was more boring than any round before, the rest of the round seemed alright. When I got home on August 15th, it took more than “just a few days” to get used to being back in the Netherlands – spending 4 weeks in Africa really changes you! The next week I continued implementing feature improvements that were on my list. I am now confident that TMN can be back after (the semi-announced) 2 weeks, so it is time to make the actual announcement! If you don’t want to read the rest of this post: The new round will start on September 8th at 18:00.

Here are the important dates:
  • TMN will go offline on September 7th at 18:00 TMN time (GMT+2*), 17:00 in the UK (GMT+1*)
  • The new round will start on September 8th at 18:00 TMN time (GMT+2*), 17:00 in the UK (GMT+1*)
  • There will be no pre-registration; when the countdown reaches 00:00 you can create your account
  • Properties will be dropped on September 10th or 11th (when the economy reaches 400mil and the game houses 25 hitmen+)
  • Property pickup fees will be like last round; 35mil for a BF, 15mil for a BJ, 5mil for other casinos (these may be changed later in the round)
  • Minimum and maximum bullet prices will be like last round, and may be changed during the round as well
  • A percentage of purchased credits will be returned on September 22nd or 23rd, more info on that will be provided later on

Some changes:
  • - Rankup Requirements; no more scripting to legend using crimes or GTAs or jail, but OCs, DTMs, Killing, Traveling are also required!
  • - A new kind of scripttest; easier to complete than (re)captchas, harder to bypass using a script - wait and see!
  • - Cheaper credits in the credits store; roughly 35% more credits for the same amount of money!
  • - No more 10% bullets loss in the Artillery Bunker!

Of course there will be some more changes, but you’ll have to find these yourself during the round. We hope to see you then!


*: Note that we are currently in Daylight Saving Time.